Geomy Pohl established his concrete contracting company in 1972, initially operating out of his home in Albuquerque’s north valley. A family company, Geomy Pohl Concrete has been owned and operated by Geomy himself, his sons and son-in-law for the last 40 years. Geomy’s grandsons have also joined the company, carrying on the family legacy for a third generation.

In the ensuing 40 years since its establishment, Geomy Pohl Concrete has grown, both in size and experience, establishing a reputation as an honest, dependable concrete contractor throughout the state of New Mexico. Aiding in our growth are our employees, many of whom have been part of our company for over 20 years. The pride and dependability demonstrated by both our owners and employees has enabled Geomy Pohl Concrete to consistently produce the high quality of work for which we are known, and in turn, allowed us longevity in an ever changing construction market.

We look forward to working with you.